New market entry

Our clients turn to us for support with decisions on whether and how to enter into new markets or deepen an existing presence. We support our clients with understanding opportunity and risk associated with establishing or expanding international sales and production.

Market entry expansion

Zarya provides a suite of advisory services for market entry, such as comparative market analysis, entry strategy recommendations and stakeholder analysis. We support our clients with identifying new opportunities, understanding risk, realizing competitive advantages and increasing profitability.

We have executed hundreds of analyses in over 60 countries for Nordic companies, ranging from smaller to global organizations. Our advice provides a base for educated decisions on topics ranging from expansion of a local sales force or addition of a local storage to global market strategies or establishment of new production units.
Each analysis delivers insight across a range of crucial factors such as market volumes, customer structure, growth drivers and competitive landscape. We prefer to combine strategic insights with solid, hands-on market experience achieved through on-site contact with relevant stakeholders.

Strategic partnerships

We assist Nordic companies with forming distributor and sourcing partner relationships. For companies aiming to explore a market through local distributors, Zarya assists with evaluation of and recommendation for potential partners, as well as coordination of the partnership development process. We prefer to include on-site contacts with prospective partners, in order to gain a solid understanding of their organizations.

Zarya offers support to Nordic companies with developing international production partnerships on a range of Central and Eastern European markets in industries such as heavy manufacturing, plastics, IT and packaging. We offer assistance to Nordic companies which are newcomers in the geography, as well as relocation support to organizations, which already have local production presence. Identifying production partners, we take great care to carry out in depth analyses of each partner candidate, including factors such as track record, organizational capabilities and management culture.

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